Sound Fundamentals. Sound Investments.

Sounds easy.  Too few practice it.  The Winfield Lee foundation is built upon acquiring quality assets, abating risk and striving for profitability and attractive returns, but in a manner which serves the local communities responsibly and does not violate our ethical values.  We underwrite using only the most conservative of principles and assumptions. We keep the core company lean and partner with the only the most trusted, talented and proven consultants.  We are selective in our acquisition targets. We are accountable to our project stakeholders: investors, users and communities.

With more than 60 years of combined, seasoned business expertise, Winfield Lee's core is the company's key executives, featuring their continuous, hands-on involvement in all critical-path aspects of every investment.  With their oversight, subsidiary activities are then outsourced to notable, tried-and-true, highly-vetted, professional partners and consultants. 

The Winfield Lee structure creates many advantages.  We are able to maintain flexibility and adaptive-speed to market trends to create better opportunities.  We are not distracted by personnel management issues.  We do not overextend.  We have no conflicts-of-interest with our investors as there are no internal, non-investor, departmental income goals.  Our structure enables our key executives to vigilantly focus on our projects and investments.  We are fully engaged in scrutinizing each stage of every venture to ensure that the business plan is successfully brought to fruition collaboratively, which produces stable long term results.