Seizing Opportunity. Creating Value. Realizing Returns.

Winfield Lee Investments is an entrepreneurial, highly capitalized, family office syndicate focussed on private, alternative-asset investment opportunities in operating companies and across myriad real estate asset classes: from neighborhood retail, office, resort & hospitality, to institutional residential. As accomplished investment and real estate professionals, we have consummate expertise in value-add and new development activities, as well as in strategic acquisition and repositioning. 

Winfield Lee is always poised to create opportunities.  We maintain the flexibility to pursue a wide scope of transaction sizes and structures, and are able to perform quickly and effectively. 

Winfield Lee takes all steps necessary to position opportunities for maximum long-term stability.   Accomplishing this goal involves the thoughtful consideration of all relevant stakeholders including potential users, consumers, municipalities and the surrounding communities and localities for which the projects are positioned to serve.  This approach culminates in companies & projects which strike a harmonious balance where neighbors want to frequent businesses, and businesses are able to serve these patrons effectively. This stabilizing dynamic results in successful operations, successful companies, successful projects and, ultimately, successful investments with enhanced value and sound fundamentals for years to come.